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Expo news » Tokyo leather bag show

Tokyo leather bag show

The exhibition date 2014-10-20 to 2014-10-22

Exhibition City Tokyo

Address on display in Tokyo

Pavilion name Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center

Sponsored by Fashion WORLD TOKYO

The exhibition shows

2014 October Tokyo international fashion package / Japan International luggage exhibition / Japan Fashion HandbagsExhibition / Tokyo International Leather luggage handbagsexhibition / Japan International Travel Bag show / Tokyoluggage accessories exhibition / Tokyo / Japan Tokyo Fashion Exhibition of leather luggage world clothing accessories and shoes bag exhibition Fashion WORLDTOKYO/ Tokyo Fashion shoes exhibition

[time] 2014 Exhibition on 20-22 October /2015 year in April 1st - 3 day (San Tian)

[location] Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center(Tokyo Big Sight)

Exhibits range []

Men and women leather, suitcase, backpack, suitcase, rod boxes, ladies handbags, purse, briefcase, clip bag, satchel,cloth, woven bags, straw bags, gift bags, handbags, bags,non-woven bags, handbags, fur bags, craft bag, shopping bag, Yin Huafan waterproof insulation bag, leather key bag,sports bag, bag, cosmetic bag, computer bag, jewelry box;

Belt, leather accessories, gloves, hats, leather products, fur products, leather gifts, leather products, fur products,leather gloves, hats, men's and women's leather belt,PU/PVC belt, Yaolian, strap, belt etc..

[introduction] Exhibition

Tokyo international fashion package, was founded in 2012,one of a series of exhibition as a Tokyo fashion worldclothing accessories and shoes bag exhibition of FashionWORLD TOKYO, a Tokyo Fashion clothing show TOKYOFashion and Wear Expo, a Tokyo Fashion shoes exhibitionTOKYO Shoes Expo equivalent stage show, is Japan's most professional bags & luggages Exhibition, display a variety of handbags, handbags, backpacks, dinner bag,rod boxes, bags and business computer bag, from 2014 onwards, changed to the year two, every year in April and October held in spring and autumn, is you open up theJapanese market superexcellent platform. In 2014, the exhibition attracted exhibitors from Italy, Germany, Poland,America China, such as some 30 countries more than 260 enterprises, the backbone of enterprises all over the worldtogether, show the effect is very good, the customer reflect very strongly, the show was very successful.

Tokyo is the fashion capital of the world, one of the world's largest economic center, five global international financial center, is also the world has the most fortune 500 company headquarters in the city, and American New York, Londonand known as the "super metropolis". Japan's total population of 130000000, Tokyo Metropolitan residentreached about 30000000, more than 1/4; leather luggagehandbags products on the Japanese market, ninety percent are MADE IN CHINA; Tokyo in 2020 will be held inthe thirty-second session of the Olympic Games, will lead the Japanese economic fast growth. Welcome enterprisesregistered for the exhibition, visited the 2015 Tokyo international fashion bag show.

Interested in participating enterprises as soon as possibleto fill out "participation contract book", stamp and fax to our company. Through our arrangements after the confirmationnotice to your company, the two sides signed the"exhibitors contract book", this invitation related issues(including the cost of items) to eventually signed theparticipation contract book "" shall prevail. And remit the advance payment 30000 yuan. The remittance please specify "2014 October Tokyo international fashion bagshow".

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